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“We want to sincerely acknowledge the support, assistance and sacrifices made by family members, friends and sponsors--because without their support, the accomplishments of our racers in the series would not have been possible,” praised Jim Ryan, SCORE V

SCORE Awards Golden Gala honors 100 people in San Diego Saturday

Alumi Craft captures Original Open-Wheel Chassis points; Dougans wins Engine Builder point title, Mason takes Original Truck Chassis points, Honda Motorcycle point title, Polaris Off-Road UTV point champ, Sal Fish honored with 2023 SCORE Legacy Award, D


ENSENADA, Baja California, Mexico—Culminating 50 years of SCORE Desert Racing Excellence, BFGoodrich Tires, Miguel Maciel, Mark McMillin, Darrell Jackson, Dominic Clark, Jason McNeil, Jason Murray, Jano Montoya, Francisco Vera, Roberto Romo Jr, Andres ‘Luchero’ Rodriguez, Willie Valdez Jr, and Baja Designs Lighting Company, were all major winners Saturday night (Jan. 20) as SCORE International officially concluded the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship with the celebratory crowd of over 500 at the SCORE Awards Golden Gala in the San Diego Air & Space Museum at historic Balboa Park.

     The evening also commemorated the first 50 years of SCORE International.

     The entire 2023 SCORE Awards Golden Gala show is available on the SCORE website at, the SCORE You Tube channel.

     The 64-page digital version of the event commemorative program previews the show and salutes the 2023 SCORE point champions in text and images. It is also available on the SCORE website.

     SCORE Off-Roadsman of the Year awards were officially presented in 14 categories along with the SCORE-record 56 winners of the Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Awards, presented by Toyota Escondido, as well as the overall and class point champions of the four-race 2022 SCORE World Desert Championship.

      The event, with the gregarious Rat Sult as the host once again, was also a celebration of 50 years of SCORE championship desert racing.

     “We want to sincerely acknowledge the support, assistance and sacrifices made by family members, friends and sponsors--because without their support, the accomplishments of our racers in the series would not have been possible,” praised Jim Ryan, SCORE Vice-President of Marketing and Sales. “Becoming a SCORE overall or class point champion, winning a coveted SCORE Off-Roadsman Award or a Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Award, presented by Toyota, are all achievements of the highest degree in our unique and spectacular sport.”


     Among the very special guests at the 2023 SCORE Awards Night was the iconic Sal Fish, the godfather of SCORE International.

     Fish, the key person with SCORE for 38 years of the organization, from 1974 until he sold the organization at the end of the 2012 season, was honored as just the fifth person to receive the prestigious SCORE Legacy Award.  He joins the late Jerry Herbst, the late Rod Hall, the late Oscar Kawanishi, and Dominic Clark, in receiving this special SCORE Award.

     SCORE International continues to be the standard by which the sport is measured and to which numerous fledgling desert racing organizations strive to reach. SCORE International class and racing rules are the foundation upon which the sport started and upon which others continue to use for their organizations.

     Fish, who will turn 85 on May 2, had been an executive at Petersen Publishing Company, when he was recruited by the late Mickey Thompson, founder of SCORE International, soon after Mickey started it in 1973, and in late 1986 the team of Fish, president, and then-chief financial officer Ted Johnson, acquired full ownership of the company long associated with Thompson. In reality, SCORE had been managed solely by Fish for many years before that.

     Ever the visionary, Fish secured the Laughlin (Nevada) Tourism Council, in association with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and Las Vegas Events, as the title sponsor of the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, from 1995 through 2012. He also brought the LVCVA and LVE to SCORE for the annual SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Primm 300, from 1996 through 2010. And also to the SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Cup short-course event that was held for three years (2007, 2008 and 2009) in and around the popular Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with sold-out crowds of over 10,000 fans for each of two nights for each year.


    Miguel Maciel, Mark McMillin and Darrell Jackson

     In an unprecedented move, SCORE has selected three worthy individuals as SCORE Persons of the Year for 2023.

     SCORE President/Race Director Jose A. Grijalva and SCORE General Manager Juan Tintos Funcke teamed up to honor Mexico’s Secretary of Energy Miguel Maciel Torres, Mark McMillin, and Darrell Jackson as the 2023 SCORE Persons of the Year.

     “Each one of these individuals made significant contributions to our celebration of 50 years of SCORE desert racing and SCORE is honored to select all three of them as 2023 SCORE Persons of the Year,” commented Abelardo Grijalva, SCORE President and Race Director. “All three were unsung heroes with their contributions in 2023 to the betterment of SCORE International.”


     On Oct. 16, 2023, Maciel was appointed by the President of Mexico, Lic. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, as Mexico’s Secretary of Energy.

     Since Jan. 1, 2019, Maciel served as Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons in the Ministry of Energy.

     Maciel is retired from Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), where he worked for 32 years. Maciel is a member of the College of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico (CIPM), the Association of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico (AIPM), and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Mexico Section.

     Over 30 years, at Pemex Explorations and Production, Maciel held positions as administration of the Burgos comprehensive project, manager of Strategic Planning, manager of the Lakach development project, and deputy director of Field Development.


     Mark McMillin, 67, San Diego, is a member of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and had an amazing career in SCORE desert racing over several decades.

     McMillin is one of the pillars of SCORE Baja racing, and a major part of the Big Blue M McMillin Racing machine.

     For supporting in so many ways at the SCORE races and the Baja California communities as part of the Big Blue M racing dynasty on this the 50th Anniversary of SCORE International, SCORE is honored to present him this award.

     Mark McMillin was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2018 when he joined his late father Corky McMillin (ORMHOF class of 2006, SCORE Person of the Year in 2003) as the first father and son team to earn the prestigious honor.

     In his SCORE racing career, Mark McMillin earned six season class point championships (1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 2005).

     McMillin has also been the Chairman of the Board of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame since 2015.


     For his outstanding support during the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship and the commemoration of SCORE International's 50th Anniversary as well as for a partnership of 42 years and for his important contributions to the sport of off-road racing, SCORE is presenting a third 2023 SCORE Person of the Year Award to Darrell Jackson, CEO and President of Jackson Marketing.

    With strategic partnership with major client BFGoodrich Tires, Jackson continues to support SCORE and oversee BFG’s massive involvement with the SCORE World Desert Championship. BFGoodrich Tires completed its 47th year in 2023 as the official tire of SCORE and Jackson oversees the extensive activations BFG has with SCORE International and SCORE racers.

     Jackson Marketing has its headquarters in Simpsonville, South Carolina, with a satellite office in San Diego.

     Often behind the scenes, Jackson has diligently and diplomatically assisted SCORE in its lasting relationship with BFGoodrich Tires.


     Dominic Clark, who has been part of SCORE Media Operations for 40 years, was honored with a SCORE Lifetime Achievement Award during the festive commemorative evening.

      Clark, based out of Las Vegas, has spent his entire professional career involved with a variety of special events from professional beach volleyball (including two Olympic Games), three college football bowl games, two college basketball tournaments, two massive high school basketball tournaments and two Miss Universe Pageants that were held in Las Vegas, has had SCORE as a client since 1983.

     Over the 40 years with SCORE, in addition to handling media operations for each event and publishing myriad media releases for each event and other SCORE media announcements, Clark also published the SCORE Race Day souvenir programs for 29 years.

     In the motorsports world, Clark started in 1981 in media ops for Walt Lott’s old High Desert Racing Association. He was also involved with media operations with the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Gran Prix (MTEG), Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, as well as PR for individual racers Rob MacCachren (CORR short-course), Roger Mears Racing (Desert, MTEG short-course, Pike’s Peak Hill Climb), and Tony Roper (Rahal/Gloy Racing-NASCAR Trucks).


     The SCORE Off-Roadsman awards were determined by online vote of SCORE members as well as the general public. Among the other honorees were the class point champions and top-class point leaders from the four-race 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series.


     Among the 2023 final season podium award recipients present at the presentations were USA racers from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. Besides the USA, other countries represented at the awards were from Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru.


     BFGoodrich Tires, the official tire of SCORE for 47 years, received one major Off-Roadsman of the Year award. BFGoodrich Tires was honored as the SCORE Support Team of the year for the 33rd time.

     BFGoodrich Tires has been the choice of 34 of the 55 overall winners of the popular SCORE Baja 500 and 33 of the 56 overall winners of the iconic SCORE Baja 1000. BFGoodrich Tires also was the title sponsor of both iconic races again in 2023. And will be again in 2024.

     BFGoodrich Tires also has been the choice of 31 of the 36 overall winners of the SCORE San Felipe 250, all three SCORE Desert Challenge races, the one SCORE Challenge of Champions race, the one SCORE Baja Sur 500 and one of four overall winners of the SCORE Baja 400.


     A well-known and much-used lighting organization in desert racing, Baja Designs was voted as the 2023 SCORE Contingency Company of the Year.

     Branded as the ‘The Scientists of Lighting’, Baja Designs has developed well-used products for the industry and competition since it was founded in San Diego in 1992. Baja Designs has a passion and thirst for off-road. Performance-driven and race-proven, Baja Designs engineers and manufacturers using only the best components available on the market today.

     Among the prominent SCORE racers currently using Baja Designs products are Luke McMillin, Dan McMillin, Bryce Menzies, Cameron Steele, Wayne Matlock, Kristen Matlock, Alan Ampudia, Roberto Romo Jr., and Cody Parkhouse.

     Based in San Marcos, Calif., this is the first time that the popular group has won this award. It is also just the second time in SCORE history that a lighting company has won this award.


     Jason McNeil, 45, El Cajon, Calif., was honored as the 2023 SCORE Overall point champion, SCORE Overall Truck champion as well as winning the title in the Trophy Truck Spec class.

     After his victory in the 2023 SCORE Baja 400, McNeil, who drove solo for the first three races of the season, said, “It was a pretty ridiculous day just with everything. We got hung up on a rock and damaged the drive shaft, so we could only go up to 80 miles/hour, it was vibrating pretty bad. We got passed during a bottleneck, but ended getting back around them and just kept going after that. It was a great race. SCORE did a good job and I’ll remember this one for a while. The entire team helped me out so much, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

     The victory was his second straight 2023 win in the behemoth Trophy Truck Spec class. In the SCORE Baja 400, McNeil covered the grueling course in 8:28:57 while averaging 45.35 mph in his No. 234 TSCO-Chevy. He defeated a race-high 37 starters in his class and finished 14th overall in the September race.

     After finishing second in the SCORE San Felipe 250 in his class, and then winning his class in both the SCORE Baja 500 and the SCORE Baja 400, McNeil put him at the head of the class. He held on through several mechanical issues in the SCORE Baja 1000 for an 18th-place finish in the season finale.


     Mexico’s Roberto Romo Jr, of Mexicali, was voted the 2023 SCORE Rookie of the Year following his first full season of SCORE racing and the 17-year-old budding superstar raced in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division.

     A second-generation SCORE desert race, Romo Jr had a stellar season among 41 total racers, finishing a solid fourth-place in the season point standings and becoming one of the youngest racers to earn a prestigious Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Award, presented by Toyota Escondido, for finishing every required mile in the 2023 season.

     Driving the No. 33 Coast Aluminum Racer-built Ford Raptor, Romo Jr finished ninth out of 39 starters in the SCORE San Felipe 250, fifth out of 33 starters in the SCORE Baja 500, 22nd out of 37 starters in the SCORE Baja 400 and ended the season finishing sixth out of 29 starters in the SCORE Baja 1000 peninsula run from La Paz to Ensenada.

    Romo Jr now joins previous winners of the SCORE top rookie award like Frank Vessels (1974), Jimmie Johnson (1995), Ricky Johnson (1993), Robby Gordon (1987), Doug Fortin Jr (1988), Bekki Freeman-Wik (1998), Andy McMillin (2004), Brian Wilson (2009), Luke McMillin (2010), Bryce Menzies (2011), Tony Gera (2014), Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez (2015), Broc Dickerson (2017), A.J. Jones (2019), and Cayden MacCachren (2021).


    Jano Montoya, 51, who lives in Winter Park, Fla. but is originally from Peru, led his team to victory in the Pro Moto 30 class in the SCORE Baja 500 enroute to an undefeated 2023 season with four class wins. Montoya also earned the coveted SCORE Overall Motorcycle point title, marking the first time that an age-group ride has won that title in SCORE history.

     Riding on the No. 300x KTM 450EXCF, Montoya and his team finished the 473.67-mile 2023 SCORE Baja 400 in a time of 12:02:21 while averaging 39.34 mph.

     Montoyta and company were also the ninth overall motorcycle to finish the race.

     In the 2023 SCORE Baja 500, besides rider of record Montoya, his Pro Moto 30 class-winning team included Kyle Tichenor, 31, Mesquite, Nev., and David Zarate, 35, La Paz, Mexico.

     With his undefeated 2023 season, Montoya now has earned five motorcycle age group SCORE season class point championships in the last seven years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2022, 2023).


     Driving his amazing AWD No. 7 Red Bull Ford Raptor SCORE Trophy Truck built by Mason Motorsports, Las Vegas’ Bryce Menzies, 35, won for the third consecutive race in 2023 to also earn the SCORE Trophy Truck season point championship at the SCORE Baja 1000. Menzies Motorsports actually picked up three major trophies at the event.

     In addition to the SCORE Trophy Truck points championship, team members also earned two SCORE Off-Roadsman of the Year awards as Las Vegas’ Willie Valdez Jr was voted SCORE Team Manager of the Year and Las Vegas’ Justin Chaisson was voted SCORE Videographer of the Year.

     Menzies also became just the 10th SCORE racer to have earned the prestigious SCORE Baja Triple Crown award for winning the overall in all the historic SCORE Baja races—SCORE San Felipe 250, SCORE Baja 500, and SCORE Baja 1000.  And the first to win the overall in the SCORE Baja Grand Slam races, including the SCORE Baja 400 in addition to the three traditional SCORE Baja races.

     After a third-place finish in the season-opener, Menzies won the overall in the remaining three races of the season, including his third straight in the SCORE Baja 400.

    Menzies, who had Andy McMillin and Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Vildosola driving with him in the SCORE Baja 1000 after driving solo in the first three 2023 SCORE races, was also the SCORE Trophy Truck point champion and the SCORE Rookie of the Year in 2011.

    Menzies also now has 11 career SCORE Trophy Truck race wins, tied for third most in SCORE history and he is one of only eight drivers to have won two or more SCORE Trophy Truck season point crowns in the 30-year history of the marquee SCORE racing division for high-tech, 1000-horsepower, unlimited custom trucks.


     Mexico’s Vildosola Racing was honored with two major SCORE awards in 2023.

     Team Patriarch Gustavo Vildosola Sr, 70, of Mexicali, himself was honored as the 2023 SCORE TT Legend season point champion after an undefeated season with additional driver Ricky Johnson, 59, in the class for SCORE Trophy Truck drivers over 50 years old. Vildosola Sr, who drives the No. 1L Vildsola Racing Ford Raptor AWD SCORE Trophy Truck built by Mason Motorsports, won the class title for the third time, the first being in 2018 and the second was 2022.

     And Vildosola Racing received another award during the exciting evening as Andres ‘Lechero’ Rodriguez was voted the 2023 SCORE Mechanic of the Year. It was the fourth time he has been honored with this award as he won it in 2018 and 2021 as well when he worked for MacCachren Motorsports and in 2022 with Vildosola Racing.


          Bursting on the scene rapidly in Class 10, Francisco Vera, 32, El Rosario, Mexico, won the 2023 Class 10 season point championship in his No. 1091 Alumi-Craft Chevy.

     The first racer from El Rosario to win a season point title in the 50-year history of SCORE, Vera was fourth in a field of 19 Class 10 starters in his class in the SCORE San Felipe 250, first in his class out of 16 starters in the SCORE Baja 500, first again out of 12 starters in the SCORE Baja 400, and finished third out of 17 starters in the SCORE Baja 1000. Vera also ended up 11th in overall points in 2023 in his No. 1091 Alumi Craft Chevy.

     Younger brother of Francisco Vera, Alexis Vera, 27, El Rosario, Mexico was Francisco Vera’s second driver for the first three races and that duo was joined by Arturo Gaza, Monterrey, Mexico, Mexico, as the team’s third driver in their podium finish in the SCORE Baja 1000.

    In addition to winning the 2023 SCORE Class 10 crown, Francisco Vera was also the 2023 SCORE Open-Wheel point champion as well.


     Veteran SCORE racer Jason Murray, 40, North Tustin, Calif., was honored as the 2023 SCORE Overall UTV and Pro UTV FI (Forced Induction), driving his No. 2917 Can-Am X3 through the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship to earn 485 season points, more than any other driver in the four SCORE UTV classes.

     In earning his first SCORE season point title, Murray started the season slowly with a 12th place finish in his class out of a SCORE-record 30 starters in his class in San Felipe, finished second in Round 2, fourth in Round 3 and solidified his championship with a first-place finish in Pro UTV FI in the season-ending SCORE Baja 1000. His class had 45 total racers in 2023.

     Splitting the driving with him all season was his brother Derek Murray, 39, Yorba Linda, Calif. and for the SCORE Baja 1000 their additional drivers were PJ Jones, 54, Cave Creek, Ariz., and Michael McFadden.

     Murray also finished ninth in the 2023 SCORE Overall point standings.


     Manufacturer point titles won were led by Mason Motorsports of Lake Elsinore, who have burst onto the scene building all-wheel drive SCORE Trophy Trucks among many other classes of vehicles.

     It was their third consecutive SCORE Original Truck Chassis Manufacturer of the Year point title.

     Founded in 2004 by brothers Neal and Robert Mason, Mason Motorsports is producing some amazing AWD trucks.

     Earning their seventh SCORE Engine Builder of the Year point championship in 2021, Dougans Racing Engines won the points in this award in this category for the seventh time in the last nine years.

     Based in Riverside, Calif., Dougans Racing Engines is led by Ray Field, who has been a part of Dougans since 1980.

     Based in Santee, Calif., Alumi Craft won the Open Wheel Chassis Manufacturer point championship for the fifth time, all in the last eight years, including three straight years.  Founded in 2004, more and more Alumi Craft vehicles are appearing on the SCORE race entry lists.

     In the ninth year decided by points, Polaris RZR Industries (Off-Road) won the 2023 SCORE UTV Manufacturer of the Year points for the ninth straight year.

     Honda won the 2023 SCORE Motorcycle Manufacturer of the Year Award. Honda has now won this award an unprecedented 29 times and the second time in the last three years.


     Another element of the diverse award’s program was the presentation of the 2023 Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Awards, presented by Toyota Escondido.  As it has for 38 years, the coveted SCORE Milestone Awards were presented to those drivers who finished all required miles as official finishers in each of the four races of the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship. A record total of 56 racers completed all 2451.78 required miles as official finishers in the four-race 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship.

     Since 2014 motorcycle and quad classes have been eligible for the award along with the pro car, truck and UTV classes.


    SCORE General Manager Juan Tintos Funcke presented several SCORE Special Recognition Awards, to Mexican officials who all orchestrated and oversaw so many details to allow SCORE to hold its four 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship events.

     Receiving these special awards were Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, Governor of the State of Baja California; Miguel Aguiniga Rodriguez, Baja California State Secretary of Tourism, Armando Ayala Robles, Mayor of Ensenada.

     The additional recipients included: Jorge Alberto Lopez Peralta, San Quintin Mayor; Jose Luis Dagnino Lopez, San Felipe Mayor; and Andres Martinez Bremer, President Ensenada Hotel and Motel Association, and Ericka Gonzalez Pickett, Ensenada City Councilwoman and President of the Ensenada Tourism Commission.

     SCORE also recognized several officials from Baja California Sur: Victor Manuel Castro Cosio, Governor of the State of Baja California Sur, Rosa Maribel Collins Sanchez, BCS State Secretary of Economy and Tourism, and Milena Paola Quiroga Moreno, La Paz Mayor.


     Among the many SCORE marketing updates presented during the SCORE Awards Night Gala, Jim Ryan, SCORE Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, announced that Sylvania Lighting and Lasernut have become new official sponsor/partners of SCORE and the SCORE World Desert Championship.

      Sylvania, based in Irvine, Calif., is the Official Lighting Company of SCORE and Lasernut, based in Norco, Calif., is the Official Custom Metal Fabricator of SCORE.


     Austin Farner, owner of the popular website in Southern California, was voted for the first time as the SCORE Journalist of the Year.

     Mexico’s accomplished veteran photographer Ernesto Araiza (Araiza 11) earned the SCORE Photographer of the Year honors for the third time (third straight year) in his illustrious career.

     Winning the SCORE Videographer of the Year award for the first time was Justin Chaisson, of Las Vegas (Menzies Motorsports).


     The 2023 SCORE Awards Golden Gala was produced by a large group from SCORE International.

     Producer of the show was Bud Brutsman, BCII TV and co-directors were James Cartwright and Alberto Luna. Host for the event once again was popular SCORE Live lead announcer Rat Sult.

     Dominic Clark, longtime SCORE Media Operations Director along with SCORE Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jim Ryan developed the script for the show and the event souvenir program.

    Also providing editorial and content input were Jose A. Grijalva, SCORE President and Race Director and Juan Tintos Funcke, SCORE General Manager.

     Coordinating and overseeing the multitude of elements overall and especially for the logistical portion of the event were Elise Norman and Shannon Lund along with their support personnel including coordinator David Duenas.

     The show included colorful videos and photographic tributes to the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship and a tribute to the first 50 years of SCORE, provided by racers, BCII TV, SCORE Live and Art Eugenio, GetSomePhoto.


     The original SCORE International was founded in 1973 by the late Mickey Thompson and headed by Sal Fish from 1974 until Fish sold SCORE International on Dec. 20, 2012. SCORE continues as the premier sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing. SCORE races feature classes for Pro and Sportsman cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and quads competing in the internationally-televised four-race SCORE World Desert Championship.



     Here are the dates for the four-race 2024 SCORE World Desert Championship which will be held in Baja California, Mexico for the ninth consecutive year:

·       King Shocks 37th SCORE San Felipe 250, presented by Baja Vida—

March 20-24, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

·       BFGoodrich Tires 56th SCORE Baja 500—

May 29-June 2, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

·       5th SCORE Baja 400, presented by VP Racing Fuels—

September 11-15, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

·       BFGoodrich Tires 57th SCORE Baja 1000—

November 12-17, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico


     Official SCORE Sponsors: BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire and Race Title Sponsor, Ford-Official Truck and SUV, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber and Race Title Sponsor, Polaris RZR-Official UTV, VP Racing Fuels-Official Fuel and race presenting sponsor, Baja Vida-Official Snacks and race presenting sponsor, Optima Batteries-Official Batteries, Rugged Radios-Official Radio Communications, Wide Open Excursions-Official Arrive and Drive Company, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino.

   SCORE Official Partners: The Satellite Phone Store, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance.

  Additional SCORE Associate Partners: Baja California Secretary of Tourism, MEXICO Secretary of Tourism, San Felipe Foundational Municipal Council, Ensenada Municipal Government, San Felipe Marketing Tourism Committee, Ensenada Marketing Tourism Committee, Ensenada Hotel and Motel Association, Proturismo Ensenada, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Baja California Sur State Secretary of Tourism and Economy, Baja California Sur State Tourism Trust (FITUES), Municipal Government of La Paz, Municipal Government of Comondu, Municipal Government of Loreto, and the Municipal Government of Mulege.

    For more information regarding SCORE, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at

2023 SCORE Off-Roadsman of the Year Award Winners

SCORE Legacy Award—Sal Fish

2023 SCORE Co-Persons of the Year— Miguel Maciel, Mark McMillin, & Darrell Jackson

SCORE Lifetime Achievement Award—Dominic Clark

2023 SCORE Pit Support Team of the Year—BFGoodrich Tires

2023 SCORE Contingency Company of the Year—Baja Designs

2023 SCORE Mechanic of the Year—Andres ‘Lechero’ Rodriguez, Vildosola Racing

2023 SCORE Team Manager of the Year—Willie Valdez Jr, Menzies Motorsports

2023 SCORE Rookie of the Year—Roberto Romo Jr, SCORE Trophy Truck

2023 SCORE Journalist of the Year—Austin Farner, Fishgistics

2023 SCORE Photographer of the Year—Ernesto Araiza, Araiza11

2023 SCORE Videographer of the Year—Justin Chaisson, Menzies Motorsports

*2023 SCORE Original Open-Wheel Chassis Manufacturer of the Year—Alumi Craft

*2023 SCORE Engine Builder of the Year—Dougans Racing Engines (Ray Field)

*2023 SCORE Original Truck Chassis Manufacturer of the Year—Mason Motorsports (Neal and Robert Mason)

*2023 SCORE UTV Manufacturer of the Year—Polaris Industries Off-Road

*2023 SCORE Motorcycle Manufacturer of the Year—Honda

  *Determined by points; others-online voting


2023 SCORE Class Point Champions


SCORE TROPHY TRUCK—Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas

SCORE TT Legend—Gustavo Vildosola Sr, Mexicali, Mexico/Ricky Johnson, El Cajon, Calif.

CLASS 1—Cody Reid, Apple Valley, Calif.

*TROPHY TRUCK SPEC—Jason McNeil, El Cajon, Calif.

CLASS 10—Francisco Vera, El Rosario, Mexico

PRO UTV OPEN—Brock Heger, El Centro, Calif.

CLASS 7—Dan Chamlee, Montecito, Calif.

PRO UTV FI—Jason Murray, North Tuestin, Calif./Derek Murray, Yorba Linda, Calif.

SCORE LITES—Oscar Alvarez, McAllen, Texas

PRO UTV NA—Joe Bolton, Corona, Calif./Austin Bolton, Corona, Calif.

CLASS 1/2-1600—Eric Pavolka, Sonoita, Ariz.

PRO UTV STOCK—Jorge Cano, Culiacan, Mexico

CLASS 5—Eli Yee,Tijuana, Mexico

BAJA CHALLENGE—Edward Muncey, San Diego, San Diego

CLASS 7F—Justin Park, Encinitas, Calif.

CLASS 7SX—Armando Duron, Mexicali, Mexico

CLASS 11—Oliver Flemate, Ensenada, Mexico


PRO MOTO UNLIMITED— Juan Carlos Salvatierra, Bolivia

PRO MOTO 30—Jano Montoya, Peru (Winter Garden, Fla.)

PRO MOTO LIMITED—Fernando Beltran, Ensenada, Mexico

PRO MOTO 40—Alirio Amado, The Woodlands, Texas

PRO MOTO 50—Robert Creemers, New Zealand

PRO MOTO IRONMAN—Fabricio Fuentes, Boliva

PRO MOTO 60—Kevin Ward, Chatsworth, Calif./Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif.


PRO QUAD—Nicolas Velez, San Felipe, Mexico

PRO QUAD IRONMAN—Faelly Lopez, Puerto Rico

*Overall Season Point Champion

2023 Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Awards, presented by Toyota Escondido

(56 car, truck, UTV, M/C and quad racers who completed every required mile in the 2023 SCORE World Desert Championship)

SCORE Trophy Truck (5)

Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas

Luke McMillin, San Diego

Andrew Myers, San Marcos, Calif.

Roberto Romo Jr, Mexicali, Mexico

Larry Roeseler, Boulevard, Calif.

SCORE TT Legend (1)

Gustavo Vildosola Sr, Mexicali, Mexico

Class 1 (2)

Cody Reid, Apple Valley, Calif.

Al Torres, Imperial Valley, Calif.

Trophy Truck Spec (9)

Jason McNeil, El Cajon, Calif.

EJ Herbst, Las Vegas

Travis Williams, Avondale, Ariz.

Mason Cullen, Long Beach, Calif.

Brent Fox, Highland, Utah

Oliver Flemate, Ensenada, Mexico

David Ziegler, Reno, Nev.

Santiago Creel, Mexico City

Joe Delucie, Las Vegas

Class 10 (3)

Francisco Vera, El Rosario, Mexico

J. David Ruvalcaba, Ensenada, Mexico

Justin Buckley, Long Beach, Calif.

Pro UTV Open (5)

Brock Heger, El Centro, Calif.

Justin Lambert, Bakersfield, Calif.

Cayden MacCachren, Las Vegas

Mike Cafro, Temecula, Calif.

Kaden Wells, Hurricane, Utah

Pro UTV FI (4)

Jason Murray, North Tustin, Calif.

Rickey Arslanian, Livermore, Calif.

Carlos Quezada, Mexicali, Mexico

Jesus Mendez Jr, Mexicali, Mexico

SCORE Lites (1)

Oscar Alvarez, McAllen, Texas

Pro UTV NA (2)

Joe Bolton, Corona, Calif.

Lawrence Janesky, Middlebury, Conn.

Class 1/2-1600 (1)

Eric Pavolka, Sonoita, Ariz.

Pro UTV Stock (2)

Jorge Cano, Culiacan, Mexico

Antonio Mendez, Puebla, Mexico

Class 11 (1)

Oliver Flemate, Ensenada, Mexico

Pro Moto Unlimited (4)

Juan Carlos Salvatierra, Bolivia

Ciaran Naran, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Adrian Ortiz, Dulzura, Calif.

Eric Holt, Panaca, Nev.

Pro Moto 30 (2)

Jano Montoya, Winter Garden, Fla. (Peru)

David Smith, Escondido, Calif.

Pro Moto Limited (3)

Fernando Beltran, Ensenada, Mexico

Ely Ramirez, Tecate, Mexico

Steven Abrams, Meridian, Idaho

Pro Moto 40 (1)

Alirio Amado, The Woodlands, Texas

Pro Moto 50 (1)

Robert Creemers, New Zealand

Pro Moto Ironman (2)

Fabricio Fuentes, Bolivia

Kurt Steever, Grass Valley, Calif.

Pro Moto 60 (1)

Kevin Ward, Longview, Texas

Pro Quad (2)

Nicolas Velez, San Felipe, Mexico

Jose Castro, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

SPT M/C (1)

Jose Armando Ortiz, Tijuana, Mexico

SPT Quad (3)

Sergio Jimenez, Valle de Mexicali, Mexico

Francisco Valle, Tecate, Mexico

Eva Hernandez, Escondido, Calif.

All-time SCORE Off-Roadsman Award Winners

Current Awards (1974 thru 2010-voted by SCORE membership; since 2011-online voting)


1977—NGK Spark Plugs


1979—BFGoodrich Tires

1980—Rough Country


1982—BFGoodrich Tires

1983—BFGoodrich Tires

1984—BFGoodrich Tires

1985—TIE-BFGoodrich Tires

          & Yokohama Tires

1986—Yokohama Tires

1987—BFGoodrich Tires

1988—Yokohama Tires

1989—Yokohama Tires

1990—Yokohama Tires



1974—Scott McKenzie

1975—Dick Russell

1976—Jim Fueling

1977—Scott McKenzie

1978—Scott McKenzie

1979—Scott McKenzie

1980—Bill Stroppe

1981—Tom Strong

1982—Bill Stroppe

1983—Bill Stroppe

1984—Bill Stroppe

1985—Bill Stroppe

1986—Randy Anderson


1988—Jon Nelson

1989—Russ Wernimont

1990—Call Wells III

1991—Ivan Scoppertone

1992—Russ Wernimont

1993—Russ Wernimont

1994—Russ Wernimont

1995—Curt LeDuc

1996—Steve Silverthorn


1998—Mike Smith

1999—Mike Smith

2000—Mike Smith

2001—Mike Stapleton

2002—Barry Beacham

2003—Mike Smith

2004—John Hoffman

2005—Mark Cowan

2006—Rick Geiser

2007—Jim Blackmore

2008—Andy McGaw

2009—Mike Stapleton

2010—Rick Geiser

2011—Jeff Geiser

2012—Mike Stapleton

2013—Johnny Nelson

2014—Steve Covey

2015—Jeff Geiser

2016—Jeff Geiser

2017—Jeff Geiser

2018—Andres Rodriguez

2019—Johnny Nelson

2020—Rogelio Pereira

2021—Andres Rodriguez

2022—Andres Rodriguez

2023—Andres Rodriguez



1974—Bill Mears

1975—Jack Miller

1976—Steve Kassanyi

2015—Rick Geiser

2016—Rick Geiser

2017—Rick Geiser

2018—Jim Blackmore

2018—BFGoodrich Tires

2019—Greg Williams

2020—Chris Olimon

2021—Amber MacCachren

2022—Steve Lewis

2023—Willie Valdez Jr








1982—BFGoodrich Tires


1984—BFGoodrich Tires

1985—TIE-Checkers & F.A.I.R.

1986—Spirit Racing

1987—BFGoodrich Tires

1988—BFGoodrich Tires

1989—BFGoodrich Tires

1990—Sage Council

1991—BFGoodrich Tires

1992—BFGoodrich Tires


1994—BFGoodrich Tires

1995—BFGoodrich Tires

1996—BFGoodrich Tires

1997—BFGoodrich Tires

1998—BFGoodrich Tires

1999—BFGoodrich Tires

2000—BFGoodrich Tires

2001—BFGoodrich Tires

2002—BFGoodrich Tires

2003—BFGoodrich Tires

2004—BFGoodrich Tires

2005—BFGoodrich Tires

2006—BFGoodrich Tires

2007—BFGoodrich Tires

2008—BFGoodrich Tires

2009—Baja Pits

2010—BFGoodrich Tires

2011—Baja Pits

2012—BFGoodrich Tires

2013—BFGoodrich Tires

2014—Baja Pits

2015—BFGoodrich Tires

2016—BFGoodrich Tires

2017—BFGoodrich Tires

2018—BFGoodrich Tires

2019—BFGoodrich Tires

2020—BFGoodrich Tires

2021—BFGoodrich Tires

2022—Baja Pits

2023—BFGoodrich Tires



1974—Frank Vessels

1975—Carroll Ditson

1976—Jackie Thomison

1977—Jerry Boone

1978—Jim Jacobus

1979—Dixie Hawkins

1980—Ray Encabo

1981—Malcolm Vinje

1982—Roger Mortenson

1983—Mike Falkosky

1984—John Clark Gable

1985—Rob Tolleson

1986—Brian Stewart

1987—Robby Gordon

1988—Doug Fortin Jr

1989—Scott Reams

1990—Charlie Townsley

1991—Dan Smith

1992—Brian Goodrich

1993—Ricky Johnson

1994—Tom Rusich

1995—Jimmie Johnson

1996—TIE-Chuck Harris

          & Tom Dittfield

1997—John Herder

1998—Bekki Freeman

1999—Jared Hardin

2000—Jeremy Spirkoff

2001—Jason Hunter

2002—Alan Pflueger

2003—Brian Ickler

2004—Andy McMillin

2005—Caleb Gaddis

2006—Garron Cadiente

2007—Eric Chase

2008—Lee Banning

2009—Brian Wilson

2010—Luke McMillin

2011—Bryce Menzies

2012—Steven Strobel

2013—Rene Rodriguez

2014—Tony Gera

2015—Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez

2016—Chad Broughton

2017—Broc Dickerson

2018—Liz Karcz

2019—Austin ‘A.J.’ Jones

2020—Eliott Watson

2021—Cayden MacCachren

2022—Faelly Lopez

2023—Roberto Romo Jr



1975—Jean Calvin

1976—Sam Wilshire

1977—Sam Wilshire

1978—Judy Smith

1979—Steve Kassanyi

1980—Judy Smith

1981—Jean Calvin

1982—Judy Smith

1983—Jean Calvin

1984—Jean Calvin

1985—Jean Calvin

1986—Jean Calvin

1987—Jim Short

1988—Jean Calvin

1989—Jean Calvin

1990—Jean Calvin

1991—Judy Smith

1992—Judy Smith

1993—Tony Tellier

1994—Jean Calvin


1996—Judy Smith

1997—Jean Calvin

1998—Judy Smith

1999—Judy Smith

2000—Judy Smith

2001—Judy Smith

2002—Judy Smith

2003—Judy Smith

2004—Judy Smith

2005—Judy Smith

2006—Marty Fiolka

2007—Judy Smith

2008—John Calvin

2009—Tim Sanchez

2010—Tim Sanchez

2011—Gabriel Garcia

2012—Jim Ryan

2013—Gabriel Garcia

2014—Judy Smith

2015—Matt Kartozian

2016—Armando Castaneda

2017—Dan Sanchez

2018—Dan Sanchez

2019—Dan Sanchez

2020—Dan Sanchez

2021—Dan Sanchez

2022—Gabriel Garcia

2023—Austin Farner



1975—Dave Cody


1977—Ariz. Comp. Photos




1981—Action Photo

























2006—HighRev Photography

2007—Trackside Photo

2008—Durka Durka Photo

2009—HighRev Photography

2010—HighRev Photography

2011—My Baja Photo

2012—My Baja Photo

2013—HighRev Photography

2014—GetSome Photo

2015—GetSome Photo

2016—GetSome Photo

2017—GetSome Photo

2018—My Baja Photo

2019—GetSome Photo

2020—GetSome Photo

2021—Ernesto Araiza

2022—Ernesto Araiza

2023—Ernesto Araiza


SCORE Videographer

2011—Cactus Films

2012—Cactus Films

2013—Tempt Media

2014—Cactus Films

2015—Baja Films Media

2016—BCII TV

2017—BCII TV

2018—Cactus Films

2019—Bobby Gutierrez

2020—Caleb Norman

2021—Caleb Norman

2022—John Tuba

2023—Justin Chaisson




(By Points)

2015—Geiser Brothers

2016—Geiser Brothers

2017—Geiser Brothers

2018—Geiser Brothers

2019—Geiser Brothers

2020—Geiser Brothers

2021—Mason Motorsports

2022—Mason Motorsports

2023—Mason Motorsports



(By Points)






















1983—TIE-Chenowth & Raceco




















(By Points since 2003)














2016—Alumi Craft


2018—Alumi Craft



2021—Alumi Craft

2022—Alumi Craft

2023—Alumi Craft



1974—Lee Leighton

1975—Brian Skipper

1976—Lee Leighton

1985—FAT Performance

1986—Keith Black

1987—Louis Unser

1988—Mike Evans

1989—Mike Evans

1990—FAT Performance

1991—FAT Performance

1992—Major Performance

1993—FAT Performance

1994—Wik’s Racing

1995—FAT Performance

1996—FAT Performance

1997—FAT Performance

1998—Wik’s Racing

1999—Wik’s Racing

2000—Wik’s Racing

2001—Wik’s Racing

2002—Dave Bonner

(By Points since 2003)

2003—Major Performance

2004—FAT Performance

2005—FAT Performance

2006—Major Performance

2007—Major Performance

2008—Major Performance

2009—FAT Performance

2010—Kroyer Racing Engines

2011—Kroyer Racing Engines

2012—Kroyer Racing Engines

2013—Kroyer Racing Engines

2014—Kroyer Racing Engines

2015—Dougans Racing Engines

2016—Dougans Racing Engines

2017—Dougans Racing Engines

2018—Kroyer Racing Engines

2019—Dougans Racing Engines

2020—Kroyer Racing Engines

2021—Dougans Racing Engines

2022—Dougans Racing Engines

2023—Dougans Racing Engines




1975—American Honda






1981—American Honda

1982—American Honda

1983—American Honda

1984—American Honda

1985—American Honda

1986—American Honda

1987—American Honda

1988—American Honda









1997—American Honda

1998—American Honda

1999—American Honda

2000—American Honda

2001—American Honda

2002—American Honda

2003—American Honda

2004—American Honda

2005—American Honda

2006—American Honda

2007—American Honda

2008—American Honda

2009—American Honda

2010—American Honda

2011—American Honda



2014—none selected

2015—American Honda

(By Points)

2016—American Honda

2017—American Honda




2021—American Honda


2023—American Honda



1974—Walt Lott

1975—Doc Sauers

1976—Ivan Stewart

1977—Jim McCullick

1978—Quico Santana

1979—Hal Harris

1980—Malcolm Smith

1981—Joe MacPherson

1982—Athene Karis

1983—Walker Evans

1984—Ivan Stewart

1985—Frank DeAngelo

1986—Walker Evans

1987—Bob Steinberger

1988—Walt Lott (posthumously)

1989—Evan Evans

1990—Michael Gaughan

1991—Peri Comb

1992—Dan Newsome

1993—Michael Gaughan

1994—Jimmy Smith

1995—Danny Hamel

1996—Dan Newsome

1997—Joe MacPherson

1998—Dan Newsome

1999—Larry Roeseler

2000—Bob Steinberger

2001—Debbie Dickerhoof

2002—Jeff Quinn

2003—TIE-Mike Julson

          & Corky McMillin

2004—Ed Herbst

2005—Corky McMillin (posthumously)

2006—Cameron Steele

2007—Cameron Steele

2008—Rob MacCachren

2009—Robby Gordon

2010—Robbie Pierce

2011—Johnny Campbell

2012—Jeff Cummings

2013—Kurt Caselli (posthumously)

2014—Gus Vildosola Sr

2015—Oscar Ramos (posthumously)

2016—Frank DeAngelo

2017—Dana Brown

2018—Nico Saad

2019—Gerardo Novelo

2020—Jaime Bonilla

2021—Miguel Torruco Marquez

2022—Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda

2023—Miguel Angel Maciel Torres

            & Mark McMillin



2018—Jerry Herbst (posthumously)

2019—Rod Hall (posthumously)

2021—Oscar Kawanishi (posthumously)

2022—Dominic Clark

2023—Sal Fish